Due to the handmade nature of my products, the increased use of hand sanitizer, as well as the cleaning and exposure to water and potential chemicals, MUGS, TUMBLERS, WATERBOTTLES and WINE GLASSES are non-refundable.

To keep your products from wearing:

Wash with a soft cloth only.
Use only water or a very mild soap.
Absolutely no alcohol or bleach based products can touch the sealer. **This includes hand sanitizer.**
Do not soak, and wash/rinse right away after use to limit any scrubbing required.
Do not store in cold places. This causes the sealer to freeze and crack. Heat is fine.

All purchases of MUGS, TUMBLERS, WATER BOTTLES AND WINE GLASSES are non-refundable. This is because I cannot possibly confirm whether you are washing/storing correctly, using hand sanitizer before touching, or you or the shipper Canada Post has kept them in their freezing truck overnight, etc.
The buyer accepts that they are purchasing at their own risk.

There are some cases where I may allow partial or full refund for extenuating circumstances outside of these rules. I reserve all rights to make this final judgement.

These mugs are not fired pottery, and unfortunately will not last forever, but the less harsh chemicals and extensive washing you expose them to, the longer they will last!

Thank you for understanding. I understand and apologize if these conditions are not acceptable for you.
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